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5 Signs You Need to Repave Your Driveway


Clearing your driveway can positively impact your home's curb appeal as long as it's in good condition to start with. An unsightly, cracked, and potholed driveway not only creates a bad impression but is also a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles and may cause flooding problems.

It's vital to check your driveway regularly for signs of disrepair and attend to them swiftly. Read on to discover the early warning signs of driveway issues courtesy of leading paving contractors in Ottawa.

Surface Cracks

Cracks in your driveway paving or asphalt area result from expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations.

You can often fill small cracks with a driveway sealant or crack filler, but interconnected, spider-web-like cracks can indicate deeper problems.

Widespread cracking is a risk to your driveway's integrity. Call a local paving services contractor for assistance right away to help you stop the spread.

Large Potholes

Tyre-wrecking potholes are a part of life on Ottawa roads after the big thaw every year, but they have no place on your driveway.

Water seeps into the structure of your driveway through potholes and may cause your asphalt foundation to fail. Although you can fix small potholes yourself, it is best to get professional assistance with larger ones.

Driveway experts can best advise you on replacing or repairing your driveway.


All types of paving show signs of wear over time. If your driveway is over ten years old, it will likely show signs of more serious issues.

These include:

Surface Ravelling

Sometimes, the tarmac binder and aggregate in the tarmac separate. This causes your driveway to have a pitted appearance.

Edge Breakaway

During the installation of your paving project, your contractors apply concrete to the edges of your driveway.

This strip keeps your paving designs together, so when it starts to separate from the tarmac, you should take steps to repair or resurface it.

Pooling Water

Water can filter through the porous surface of asphalt and damage the foundation of your driveway, so it must flow straight off during rainy weather.

Pools of water on the surface of your driveway indicate unevenness and are a cause for concern. If your contractor didn't plan for sufficient drainage when installing your driveway, you could be infringing on local bylaws.

Get hold of a professional paving contractors Ottawa company to help you correct your driveway drainage.

Wear and Tear

Despite its durable nature, asphalt will start to fade, crack, and subside over time, and you'll eventually need to replace it.

You can delay the inevitable by keeping up with regular maintenance and attending to natural wear and tear as it happens.

Consulting a local paving specialist about small repairs as they happen is the best way to keep your driveway in top form for as long as possible.

Reach out to the Best Paving Contractors in Ottawa

Alvi Paving Ltd. has over 50 years of experience in the Ottawa-Carleton area. That makes us your first choice when considering paving contractors in Ottawa.

We understand your residential and commercial paving needs. Schedule an appointment to discuss how we can restore your driveway to its former glory.


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