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Expert Commercial Asphalt Paving in Ottawa

If the parking lot, walkways, or entrances and exits to your business are crumbling and unsightly, it could turn away customers. In addition, it might cause damage to someone’s vehicle if the problem is large or severe enough.


The same goes for the streets, lots, and sidewalks of your city or province. Residents and visitors who are subject to poor conditions may decide to live and do business in another area, decreasing local revenues.


At Alvi Paving Ltd, we provide commercial paving services to manage your parking lots, roads, driveways, and sidewalks. We specialize in catering to the needs of local businesses, private corporations, commercial spaces, industrial spaces, and municipal clients. With the use of the best quality material, we can help you make a lasting impression on your clients with quality paved surfaces. No matter how big or small your construction project is, we are ready to help.


A poor surface makes a poor impression. If you have a paving-related issue, contact the pros at Alvi Paving Ltd in Ottawa for your commercial asphalt construction.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Services in Ottawa

We offer the following services for commercial clients:

Parking lot and expansion and repair
Drainage improvements, excavation, backfilling, and site preparation
Asphalt road construction
Line painting/marking
Manholes, sewers, and catch basins
Sidewalk and curb repair
Installing pre-cast curbs
Concrete pads
Asphalt/rubber speed bumps
Retaining walls
  • Parking lot paving: We can pave new parking lots or restore damaged asphalt surfaces to provide safe driving access on your property. Our team can also repair cracks, holes, sinking, warping, ice damage, and more.
  • Asphalt road construction: At Alvi Paving Ltd, we have years of experience in constructing asphalt roads in Ottawa that meet the highest standards of quality and municipal regulations.
  • Sidewalks and curbs: Your sidewalk is another area of your commercial property that you shouldn't neglect. We handle asphalt or concrete repair for your existing sidewalk or install a new one. Regular wear and tear, along with damage from the snow, can cause issues such as cracks, swelling, holes, and more.


Signs You Require Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt is an excellent material that can last a long time. However, it is essential to attend to problems quickly when your asphalt paving show signs of wear and damage. Not doing so can intensify the damage and lead to the need for more expensive repairs. Some common signs of asphalt damage are:

  • Buckling and warping: Buckling and warping are when the surface of your asphalt structure appears to be wavy. Damages to the structure’s base and heavy traffic can cause this issue.
  • Alligator cracks: As the name suggests, these defects of your asphalt surfaces mirror an alligator's skin. They're generally shallow and spread over a large area.
  • Drainage problems: Drainage problems, such as persistent puddles on your asphalt, are a sign of trouble. The water can sink between layers and comprise the structure.
  • Sinkage: Generally, asphalt pavements are placed over a compacted base. The corrosion of this base can cause sinkage issues, especially near other structures.

Other common signs of asphalt damage are crumbling edges, chemical stains, and growing cracks. If you notice any of these signs or anything else amiss with your commercial asphalt structures, schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

Commercial Asphalt Repairs in Ottawa

Excessive or unprecedented force or pressure on asphalt paving can lead to the development of cracks or potholes over time. Alvi Paving Ltd also provides repairs and upgrades to asphalt, such as:

Emergency pothole repairs
Driveway repairs
Crack sealing

Our Clients

Our commercial customer base includes:

National Capital Commission (NCC)
Department of National Defence
Public Works Canada
The Ottawa Hospitals: Civic, General, Queensway, Riverside, and CHEO
School Boards

When you’re ready to get started with your next construction, contact one of our paving specialists. We are here for you!


Commercial Paving Services for Your Business in Ottawa

Discuss your project with our paving contractors.

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