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  • Asphalt Paving on road
    Fun Facts About Asphalt Paving

    You may not hear much about asphalt on a regular basis, but it's one of the unsung heroes of the construction industry in general. Simply put, asphalt is the backbone of the economy.


    Are you wondering why asphalt is so intriguing? Keep reading to learn about fun facts related to asphalt paving.

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  • Asphalt Paving on the front of the house
    3 Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt Driveway

    Asphalt driveways are a common sight on the front lawns of many houses across Canada. Many of these homeowners are simultaneously dealing with issues with asphalt driveway upkeep and repair.

    Any number of driveway problems could arise, including cracking, corrosion, puddle formation, and surface depression. When they do, homeowners get unneeded headaches as a result. 

    Here, we'll go over some maintenance advice for asphalt driveways to help avoid these inconveniences in this asphalt driveway maintenance guide!

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  • asphalt driveway paving
    When Is the Best Time to Repair Your Driveway?

    Your driveway is a part of your home that you probably don't give too much thought to—until you have to. In fact, your driveway is an integral part of your home, and it's important that it's well maintained and looked after.

    If your driveway is cracked, in a state of disarray, or unsightly, you'll want to get it repaired. But what's the best time to do this? Believe it or not, there is a best time to repair driveways in Ottawa, and it's important to know what this is.

    If you'd like to learn about when and how you can best go about repairing your driveway, this is the guide for you. Read on for everything you need to know.


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  • commercial parking lot
    5 Practical Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Parking Lot

    When it comes to a commercial parking lot, maintaining it can be quite difficult as there is quite a bit of traffic that goes through it.

    People constantly are driving through it and because of that it can become worn down more quickly than a typical driveway.

    Despite the more frequent traffic these lots can endure, there are ways you can maintain your parking lot. 

    Here are five tips for how to maintain a commercial parking lot.


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  • interlock stone backyard patio
    Why You Should Choose Interlocking Stone for Your Landscaping Needs

    Your family's annual summer barbeque is only a month away. 

    You've picked out the recipes, invited your favourite aunt, and purchased some new outdoor tablecloths. You thought you were ready until you looked out at your yard. It's in desperate need of a makeover. 

    Reinvent your yard with updated landscaping. Proper landscaping not only makes your yard look great but also promotes plant protection and nature preservation. 

    Interlocking stone is a great material for your landscaping makeover. Read our guide on the reasons you should choose interlock.


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  • paving asphalt driveway
    The Benefits of Repaving Your Asphalt Driveway

    Are you a new homeowner? If so, then hopefully you understand you have plenty of work ahead. Why? Because owning a house is a big responsibility.

    In fact, it can often seem like the list of things in need of repair or replacement is nearly endless. 

    One of the things many people tend to ignore about their home is the driveway. And yet most driveways require plenty of attention, especially if you own your home for many years.

    This article takes a look at the benefits of repaving your asphalt driveway. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on why this task is so important.


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  • newly paved commercial parking lot
    How Often Should a Parking Lot Be Paved?

    There are nearly 35.7 million vehicles registered in Canada as of 2019. 

    Consider how many cars drive in and out of your business's parking lot daily.

    How is the state of your parking lot? Is it filled with cracks or other signs of damage? A poorly maintained parking lot can reflect negatively on your place of business.

    To learn more, check out this article about how often to pave a parking lot. 

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  • freshly paved asphalt driveway
    5 Major Advantages of an Asphalt Driveway

    When you think curb appeal, your landscaping, house style, and front door might be what spring to mind.

    But your driveway makes up a significant amount of what people see when they look at your house. Don’t forget to consider it as well.

    A good driveway should be durable and blend with the aesthetic of your home. If you’ve been thinking it's time for a redo or upgrade, keep in mind that asphalt is one of the most popular residential paving choices in Canada for many reasons.


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  • newly paved driveway
    Signs It’s Time to Repave Your Driveway

    Are you looking to boost the curb appeal of your home without shelling out thousands of dollars?

    One of the most commonly overlooked parts of curb appeal is the appearance of a driveway. Not many homeowners think about investing in residential paving to spruce up the curb appeal of their home. However, if your driveway is cracked, has potholes, or has drainage issues, replacing your driveway may do much more than boosting your home’s curb appeal.

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  • resurfacing asphalt driveway
    Should You Resurface or Replace Your Asphalt Driveway?

    The choice between driveway resurfacing and replacement is often a tough one. Both procedures provide outcomes that are equally visually appealing, which is one of the main driving factors for undertaking either of these projects. The choice ultimately depends on the age of the pavement, the degree of damage it has sustained and how much you are willing to spend to fix it. If you require driveway resurfacing or replacement, look no further - Alvi Paving Ltd provides excellent asphalt paving services in Ottawa with competitive pricing.


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