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Why You Should Choose Interlocking Stone for Your Landscaping Needs

interlock stone backyard patio

Your family's annual summer barbeque is only a month away. 

You've picked out the recipes, invited your favourite aunt, and purchased some new outdoor tablecloths. You thought you were ready until you looked out at your yard. It's in desperate need of a makeover. 

Reinvent your yard with updated landscaping. Proper landscaping not only makes your yard look great but also promotes plant protection and nature preservation. 

Interlocking stone is a great material for your landscaping makeover. Read our guide on the reasons you should choose interlock.


Highly Durable

Using interlocking stone is one of the best landscaping investments you can make because it lasts a long time. The initial cost of it may be higher than that of concrete, but you'll save money over time due to low maintenance costs.

The stones rarely crack or chip. If a stone becomes damaged, you only have to replace the damaged stone. It's great for any homeowners with heavy foot and pet traffic in their yards.


Why would you let your backyard look like everyone else's? Stand out from the crowd with a unique interlocking stone design.

There's an array of shapes, sizes, colours, and stone formations to select from when planning your designs. Look around the internet for inspiration, and chat with a local paving company about some of the designs they've done in the past.

Increased Home Value

Any major improvement you make to your property increases the overall value of your home. Because it's so durable and aesthetically-pleasing, using interlocking stone in your landscape design greatly boosts your home value.

Even if you aren't staying in your home for much longer, redesigning your yard allows you to sell your home for a higher price. It's in investment that pays off for everyone.

Can Be Used in a Variety of Areas

Interlocking stone is so beautiful that you won't want to stick to one area. Luckily for you, it can be used in numerous areas.

Add charm to your home by redoing your front porch steps with interlocking stones, add a new walkway, and update your backyard patio. You can even use interlocking stones to give your pool area a whole new look.

Finding a Trusted Company

To ensure you receive the landscaping job of your dreams, find a trusted paving company in your area like Alvi Paving. Verify they have the resources available to create your unique interlocking stone design.

Search online to read client testimonials and reviews. Inquire about the amount of experience they've had with this particular type of stone design.

Major Yard Makeover: Interlocking Stone

Is your backyard looking dull and unappealing? Spruce it up with interlocking stone.

Interlocking stone is durable, requires little maintenance, and allows for unique designs. You can use it anywhere — from the driveway to the pool.

For an award-winning paving company in the Ottawa area that you can trust, check out Alvi Paving’s full list of services. Contact us today for a free quote for all of your residential or commercial paving projects.



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