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5 Practical Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Parking Lot

commercial parking lot

When it comes to a commercial parking lot, maintaining it can be quite difficult as there is quite a bit of traffic that goes through it.

People constantly are driving through it and because of that it can become worn down more quickly than a typical driveway.

Despite the more frequent traffic these lots can endure, there are ways you can maintain your parking lot. 

Here are five tips for how to maintain a commercial parking lot.


Consistently Check the Lot

One thing you can do on your own to maintain your parking lot is to consistently check for any signs wear and tear. Because of how much traffic your lot has gone through it, damage and problems can occur in a short amount of time.

Walk around your lot to look for any signs of damage such as standing water or cracks. Routinely checking for damage or problems will prevent them from progressing, making them easier to resolve.

Sweep Lot Regularly

Along with checking your lot regularly, sweeping and cleaning up any debris as well will help you with commercial parking lot maintenance.

Dirt and debris build-up quickly due to the amount of traffic and too much of this debris can cause problems. Standing water can accumulate if debris builds up more than it should. This is when an amount of water does not move. Because it does not move, it can eventually develop an unpleasant smell and be unsanitary.

Sweeping can help you avoid this accumulation from debris and other problems from arising.

Seal Coating

The process of seal coating involves applying a layer of sealing product, which fills in any cracks that are exposed to possible damage. After these cracks are sealed, this gives the lot overall protection.

This is commonly done every few years to avoid immense damage to the parking lot. If maintenance is neglected and seal coating is not done for quite a bit of time, a variety of issues can occur such as cracking, standing water, softening, and more.

Having this done by a professional experienced with seal coating at most every few years will help with maintaining a commercial parking lot.

Seal Any Cracks

While the purpose of seal coating is to seal up a lot of damage, having any cracks filled before the damage gets worse is a good idea.

Ignoring any cracks can lead to the destruction of the asphalt underneath. This destruction can occur if any water gets in through unfilled cracks and freezes due to freezing temperatures.

Hiring a professional to fill in even a small number of cracks can keep your lot in a better state and even save you money, as this is a simpler repair than seal coating.

Remove Any Damaging Substances

While water is one liquid that can cause damage to a parking lot, substances such as gasoline and oil can cause a significant amount of damage as well.

These two substances can cause damage to the binding of the asphalt. Damage to this binding will lead to damage to the asphalt and concrete.

Any sign of these substances needs to be addressed immediately.


Get Help Maintaining Your Commercial Parking Lot

Now that you know the five tips for maintaining your commercial lot, you may be wondering who could help you with this maintenance.

Alvi Paving Ltd. has offered asphalt repair and maintenance services to the Ottawa-Carleton area for over 50 years. Experts at Alvi Paving are dedicated to providing customers with the best services and work.

If you are looking to hire a professional for any commercial parking lot maintenance or repairs, get in touch with us today.



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